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  1. Hi Laurie, yes those little fruit flies can be a huge issue. I have battled them a few times. A few things I do: 1. Freeze the food and thaw it out before feeding the worms.
    2. Make sure all food is burried both new food and left over from previous feedings.
    3. Keep a 4-6″ layer of dry shredded news paper on top to “hide” the compost from the flies. When I feed them I remove the dry paper and mix in the wet paper and then add a bit more dry on top to keep that thickness.
    I have a couple other tricks to combat them. Apple cider vinegar works well. Thanks for the question.

  2. I had a worm compost, and it was great….but…how do I stop the “mini” flies?!! It was a real problem.

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