Bokashi is a fermentation process of anaerobic composting.  It originates in Japan where ancient farmers would bury their water in the ground.  That ground was rich with microorganisms, but deficient in air.  Once the waste was fermented, they would bury the product in their crop fields.  Those fields began to out perform the non-bokashi fields. And there you have it.

Modern Bokashi composting began really once “Effective Microorganisms” were discovered, also in Japan, by Dr. Teruo Higa.  He inoculated some bran with his patented mix of beneficial microorganisms, added it to the ancient Bokashi method, and modern Bokashi was born.

Click on the links below to follow along my families Bokashi experiment in an effort to reduce our waste.  After 1 month we are on track to divert over 400 pounds of food waste from the landfill!

The Set-Up

The First Week 

One Month In