Urban Organic Gardening

Rain water Collection

Rainwater collection and distribution. Input from downspout into 2 50 Gal drums plumbed together. Then sent to gardens (on front page) soaker hose.
Collecting water from 1 side of the garage kept these tanks full all summer. The system was set up so the homeowner could set up the soaker hose in her 15×15 foot vegetable garden once. Then as the garden demanded turn on the tap in the morning and go to work. The soaker hose and gravity would slowly water the garden.

Garden Borders

Brick soldier course. The closest edge was left a bit rough as the fence needed to be replaced. Now that project is competed, summer 2016 we will go back and touch up the edges
The tumbled look of the bricks made them match the established house and patio nicely while still making everything look a little newer.

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