Urban Services and Pricing

At Eat My Shrubs our main objective is to make your property as beautiful as possible, while doing no harm to the environment or your family in the process.  Harmful chemicals and loud machinery reak havoc on our environment and our state of mind more than we really understand.  When Eat My Shrubs looks after your property we use methods and compounds that increase the biodiversity and encourage the natural processes of the soils and plants under our care.  Among other practices, we use reel mowers to cut the grass, essential oils primarily to combat unwanted pests and diseases, and encourage the collection and use of rainwater for irrigation.

We understand that everything is in the garden or lawn for a reason.  It’s not just that the dandelions are there, but why?  What can we do to discourage them from growing there in the future.   Pulling  unwanted plants over and over may not be the answer long term.  If the soil is right for dandelion but not for the grass seed, then the dandelion will win every time. Something more needs to be done.  That’s where we come in.

Services                                                                                                                                                 Rates*                                       

Spring clean up of lawn and garden beds                                                                                $120 – $175

Pick up any non-organic debris for proper disposal, edge and remove unwanted plants from garden beds, mow lawn and mulch organic debris, prune any damaged shrubs, assess health of garden.

Aerating & Power Raking

Topdressing of compost**                                                                                                                 $675

1/4″ layer of quality compost raked in and watered to help bring microorganisms back to the soil.

Topdressing of loam (top soil)**                                                                                                      $350

1/4″ layer of quality loam (top soil) raked in to raise any low spots and even out rough areas.

Topdressing of mix**                                                                                                                             $425

1/4″ layer of quality compost and loam mixed 1:1 raked in and watered to give your lawn a boost.

Weekly year long service   (per week)                                                                                      $35 – $120

In the Spring we do a clean up of the property, (usually around the end of May weather depending).  All Summer once a week we mow the grass, dead head, remove unwanted plants and do any light pruning in the garden beds.  If anything extra comes up (pest infestation or wind storm debris, etc,.) additional work can be completed, but  will be discuss prior to any additional costs being charged.  In the Fall we prep the garden for winter do any final pruning and then, in the Winter, we keep your walk, driveway, steps, deck and whatever else, clear of snow and ice.

Snow Clearing  (per month)*                                                                             $110 – 165

Love gardening but not snow shovelling?  Call me

Snow Clearing (per visit) *                                                                                     $35 – 65

Other services offered on a time and materials basis include;

Litter Control / Junk Removal

Chemical free Pest Management

Raised / Wicking bed construction

Consulting Services

Worm compost bins and service


And other services offered just ask!…..

*Pricing based on average urban property.  When you contact me we will come up with a rate or price that works for both of us before any work starts.

**Compost and Topsoil may come from different suppliers through out the summer and from year to year as required.  Not every load of compost is the same.  If it is too “rich” or “hot” for the application then I will search out a more suitable supply. The same is true if the topsoil or loam is too sandy, it will do more harm then good in the long term.