Townhouse Deck

The New One 2015


I reused the base of the previous wicking bed for the new ones. This shows the basic box of the bed with the drain hole on the right side.
The building plastic in and box is now lined. It’s becoming a wicking style bed now.
I didn’t have any weeping type for this bed but I did have some left over 4″ drain pipe handy, so I drilled holes in either side of the pipe and it will work just fine.
Drain pipe buried, and this is showing the fill pipe on the opposite end from the drain. This I will hook up to some eaves toughing on the deck above.
Showing the eaves trough and downspout. (by the bird house). You can also see the space I left underneath for storage.
Down spout connected. Filled with soil, and tomatoes planted.



The finished project.


Finished product from a different angle.


 August 27 of that year and we stopped watering, at least the top bed in the middle of June.