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30% off spring sale on all services


MARCH 14!!

Why Choose Eat MY Shrubs Holistic Landcare & Organic Gardens?

Organic Garden Maintenance

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This means our equipment is 90% manual. Really, once spring clean-up is completed, there are no noisy, smelly, 2-stroke engines. Pruning is completed with hand tools, mowing with a manual reel mower, etc.

Build & Maintain A Healthy Ecosystem In Your Lawn & Garden

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Many issues on urban properties stem from a lack of microorganisms in the soil, and nutrient levels being out of balance. By adding natural soil amendments such as compost & specific nutrients, we can bring back that balance and the microorganisms will come back and multiply. This will make the garden healthier and more beautiful than ever

Attract Natural Elements To Enhance Your Garden Spaces

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Add plants and features to attract beneficial insects and microorganisms to your lawn & garden. Let Eat My Shrubs bring balance and get the natural elements in the garden to keep each other in check, so you can enjoy the summer.

No Harmful Chemicals Means Your Garden Smells Like A Garden

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The use of essential oils and natural compounds mimic the actions of plants to defend themselves from most pests and diseases. By studying plants and elements in your garden, a more focused effort can be applied to rid the area unwanted elements. No chemicals needed!

Competitive Rates Means You Breathe Easier In Your Garden And At The ATM

Our rates are competitive with the local industry. Unlike groceries, organic gardening does NOT cost you more! Especially with 30% off until March 14!!

No Job To Big Or Small

Our low overhead and hourly rates allow us to take on even the smallest job. Have a bag of soil that you need spread? A tree to split into firewood? Or, an overgrown plant to split up? Contact me.

Organic Master Gardener &

Canadian Society For Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL) Accredited

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Studies, resources and networks of folks in the know. If I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does.

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