Ideas for the Garden

Ideas for the Garden for those already thinking about spring!!

Garden Vertically

Inside or outside, on a large scale or on an apartment wall, vertical gardening can be done. And successfully! With more and more people living in less and less space, it only stands to reason that more people are turning to vertical gardening.

Self-watering pots and gardens

I love the idea of low maintenance gardens. I love the idea also of not being married to your garden all summer because you have to water it everyday. “Self watering” pots and gardens are a huge step in the liberation of our time and water bill.

Composting on-site what you can

In eras past, at least in rural settings, the mindset of many people was that there was to be no waste to leave the homestead. Everything had purpose right up the end, and in the end, the remainder would go back to the soil.


The waste that we produce as a general society is atrocious, and what we do with that waste is heart breaking. That is why re-purposing what we can is vital and what better place to do that than the garden. After all, the plants don’t care if what they are growing in has a crack in it.

Adding a water feature

Adding a water feature to your garden space doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on rock work and pumping equipment. Most garden centers offer a variety of smaller water features in various shapes and configurations.

Making things Low Maintenance

In permaculture training, we are taught that working with the land should be 90% planning and 10% doing. Or something like that. It is a saying that has value in every aspect of life really. With some extra planning in our plant selection and placing, will mean a great reduction of work from season to season and year to year.

Double-duty plants

Plants that do more than look pretty are essential to a thriving, balanced garden. It is the backbone behind any thriving ecosystem both domestic and wild. This is part of the 90% planning and 10% doing idea as well.

Grow your own food

Growing your own food wherever you have the space to is the basis of Eat MY Shrubs. Incorporating multi-function plants that bring beauty to the space, and nutrition to your plate! What could be better. Especially if it lives in a low maintenance garden. Check out some of the other pages as well for more ideas of how to do just that

Collect Water

Collecting rainwater is becoming increasingly important as water restrictions in urban settings are becoming more stringent. Being aware of the water under usage in your home is even more important.

Enjoy the beauty

Studies have shown that immersing yourself in nature from time to time is a great stress reliever and good for your overall mental health. When planning your garden space, no matter the size, having a sitting area where you can be surrounded by plants as much as possible can quickly turn into your favorite place.

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