Repurposing Materials

Repurposing Materials

Giant landfill.

The waste that we produce as a general society is atrocious. What we do with that waste is even more heart breaking. Sometimes, even when we are told that we are doing a good thing. Behind the scenes reveals something a little less planet friendly. For this reason, re-purposing what we can is vital. What better place to do that than the garden. After all, plants don’t care if they are growing in a cracked container. Many plants will take the opportunity to grow additional shoots from the cracks. Many times, if an object can not be repurposed in its whole. Some of the parts can be, if dismantled.

Repurposing materials  lumber
Worm bin made from repurposing materials

Materials suitable for repurposing are everywhere. The above worm bin is constructed from cedar taken from a broken walkway. The coffee table below from old pallets and rebar.

Another popular idea is building vertical plant structures or raised garden beds out of old lumber. Planting annual flowers in containers not meant for flowers as well. Things like old milk separators, or boots. The ideas for repurposing materials are unlimited. Yes, it can stray into the tacky, but it doesn’t have to. The possibilities to use repurposed materials in the garden space are around every corner and curve.

pallet coffee table made from repurposing materials
Coffee Table.