Low Maintenance Gardens

Low Maintenance Gardens. Why garden any other way?

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In permaculture training, we are taught that working with the land should be 90% planning and 10% doing. Or something like that. It is a saying that has value in every aspect of life really. Some extra planning in our plant selection and placing, means a great reduction of work from season to season.

Gardens and lawns are highly personal areas and should reflect that. If you like the relaxation and meditative part of deadheading and shaping spent flowers, choose varieties that benefit from this. If you would rather just enjoy the garden and not have to put any additional work into it. Choose varieties that do not require the attention.

Also, careful attention to placement is key to the low maintenance garden. If a plant that loves the sun is planted in a shady area, it may live. But, it will require more attention to fight off disease, pest infestations, and poor growth.

Plants that do not require staking, pruning, or deadheading, will make the growing season way less hassle. If they require less water because they are drought tolerant and native to the climate, all the better. This will free up your time to just enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Here are some ideas

Low Maintenance plant ideas