Plants With A Purpose

plants with a purpose

Plants with a purpose. Rather, planting with a purpose, or plants with multiple purposes, however you want to look at it. Plants can do more for our garden and lawn space than just look good. Many plants have certain characteristics to thrive in certain environments. Genetically engineered by nature. Sure, many plants will grow in varied environments. Plants are nothing if not resilient. But, if we want to have a low maintenance, self sustaining, garden space. Choosing the right plant for a space is critical to the garden being everything we want it to be.

Somewhere in the Permaculture teachings, is the idea that land care and any changes to the landscape, should be 90% planning and 10% doing, or something like that. It is true, we should put more planning and thought into what we put in our gardens. When we do, it means he less work and energy input down the road. No question. That is true outside the garden walls as well, but that’s a different page.

Plants with a purpose; Utilizing a plants other attributes

Utilizing a plants other attributes, and making everything in your garden have more than one use, adds to the resiliency, or hardiness, of your property. Using a species of plant to perform a task is much lower in cost than mechanical, or synthetic systems. It just may need to be coupled with a little patience. Root vegetables to loosen the soil, a thick or thorny hedge rather than a fence. Drought tolerant plants rather than an expensive and wasteful irrigation system, are just a few examples of what I mean.

Below is a series of pages dedicated to the other attributes of plants. They have been grouped together for specific tasks, but you may see familiar faces from page to page. Because some plants are just amazing. More information will be added as time goes on to make the pages more informative. If you have any questions in the mean time please go to the contact me page and drop me a line.

Plants with a purpose:

Aromatic Pest Repelling Plants

plants with a purpose

Barrier Plants

plants with a purpose

Drought Tolerant Plants

plants with a purpose

Erosion Control Plants

Ground Cover Plants

plants with a purpose

Insectary Plants

plants with a purpose

Insecticidal Plants

Low Maintenance Plants

plants with a purpose

Nitrogen Fixing Plants

bean plant plants with a purpose

Plant Guilds

Plants Deer Do Not Like

plants with a purpose

Plants That Perform Double Duty