Ground Cover Plants

Ground Cover Plants:

Mother Nature does not like bare ground. If the ground cover is disturbed in any way, it is quickly covered by some plant material. There is a hierarchy of plants that occur as soil is nurtured and repaired. The plants known as ground cover plants are especially tuned to spread quickly and bring minerals to the soil as they grow, mature, and then eventually, decay. This group of plants act as a living mulch. As they grow they cover the soil, trapping in moisture, which preserves the soil structure and the nutrients within it. Ground cover plants usually do well in soil that is a little degraded, lacking humus. Not always though, it is important to check the requirements of each individual plant species and sub-species. Below are some examples of plants that do well as ground cover.

A special note that some plants are considered noxious weeds in certain areas of the world. It is important, before planting anything that you get the proper variety that will not take over the whole neighbourhood. Some plants are even so bad, you may get a fine for having the, on your property.


Yarrow ground cover plants

Irish Moss



Lady’s Mantle

Lady's Mantle ground cover plants

Ostrich Fern


Cranesbill Geranium

Red Clover

Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry ground cover plants

Sweet Woodruff

Creeping Jenny


Daylily for ground cover plants

Creeping Veronica


Soapwort ground cover plants


oregano ground cover plants

St John’s Wort


catmint ground cover plants


Bugleweed ground cover plants


Chives round cover plants


Creeping Phlox

Scotch Moss


Feverfew ground cover plants


Dianthus ground cover plants


Giant Solomons Seal