Under the microscope

Under the microscope…

A $40 digital microscope comes in pretty handy in diagnosing issues, as well as taking some pretty cool pictures. Luckily, scale do not move around much. The adult females do not move at all. Their legs are primarily used to tend to the young, and are not long enough to move her. The males turn into flies, so they are a little harder to find.

Oyster-shell Scale


As seen with naked eye

Scale adult female under the microscope

Female Adult

Dark in the middle are the young

female juvenile under the microscope

Female Juvenile

Sorry…not an expert but I think it is.

the young under the microscope

Protecting the young

The little orange spots

Close up of “legs”

Adult female scale loose their legs ability to move them around as they get older. These legs are mainly used to tend to the next generation before they start their journey.

Legs, but the young are gone

Tending to the next Generation

Leaving behind the old

I believe I caught the female on the lower right after shedding her former life stage

Female teenager

female path under the microscope

See her path

The females move until they mature enough that their legs no longer move them. that is where they will remain.

extreme close up under the microscope

Scale Selfie

Close up of eye

male scale fly under the microscope

The male turn into a fly

Close up of male scale fly

Composting Worms

Coming Soon…..