Insecticidal Plants

Insecticidal plants

All plants emit chemical compounds. It is basically, how they communicate with the world around them. Including us and other plants and insects. In addition to this, insecticidal plants are plants that emit compounds, that are useful to us in the garden. These compounds naturally keep common “pests” away. Especially plant eating insects.

So, this alone makes them our best friends in the garden. Especially around decks and patios. In addition to how pretty they are. These chemical compounds have been developed by the plant over thousands of years. So, in some cases, they have become very specific. But, in other cases it’s more generic.

These properties are the reason for using Essential oils in the garden. However, it is not just the leaves. Plants have a more beneficial impact when planted in the soil. Because, in some cases the roots have to deter the pests. It is the roots interaction with the soil, and soil dwelling organisms, that has the greatest benefit. This is especially true in a low maintenance garden. So, plant perennial plants that have insect deterring properties. Because, the effects are felt season after season. Without too much further input from us.

So, here is a list of some examples.

Insecticidal plants

And, the “pests” that don’t like them.

In conclusion, think about incorporating some of these plants into your garden. Use less spray!

Insecticidal Plants: Fennel

Deters: Aphids, and Slugs

fennel insecticidal plants

Insecticidal Plants: Daffodil

Deters: Rodents

daffodil insecticidal plants

Insecticidal Plants : Rosemary

Deters: Cabbage looper, Carrot fly, and Slugs

Rosemary insecticidal plants

Plant: Clover

Deters: Aphids, and Wireworm

clover insecticidal plants

Plant: Spearmint

Deters: Aphids, Squash bugs, and Cabbage looper

spearmint insecticidal plants

Plant: Thyme

Deters: Cabbage looper, Root maggot, Corn earworm, Tomato hornworm, and Whitefly

Thyme insecticidal plants

Plant: Artemisia

Deters: Ants, Cabbage looper, Cabbage maggot, Flea beetle, Carrot fly, Codling moth, and Mice

Plant: Nasturtium

Deters: Whitefly, Cabbage moth, Aphids, and Squash bug

Plant: French Marigold

Deters: Whitefly, and Root-feeding nematodes

french marigold

Insecticidal Plants: Alliums

Deters: Carrot fly, Cabbage worm, Slugs, Tomato hornworm, and Aphids

Plant: Lemon Balm

Deters: Mosquitos

lemon balm insecticidal plants

Plant: Chives

Deters: Carrot fly, and Aphids

chives i

Plant: Borage

Deters: Tomato hornworm, and Cabbage looper

Borage insecticidal plants

Plant: Dill

Deters: Squash bugs, and Cabbage looper