Sustainable Living

Materials for sustainable beeswax food wraps

Around our house, we try to live as sustainable as we can. We try different things and adopt the ones that work for us, and try to figure out the ones that do not right away. I document the things that we do. My hope is that you all can learn from my trials and tribulations, avoid the mistakes, but mimic the successes. Like many in an urban setting, I have access to free pallet wood with very minimal scouting. For that reason, a lot of our construction uses repurposed pallet wood.

Some of the things so far are here.

Beeswax Wraps

Repurpose Material

Compost Bins

Bokashi Composting

Visit the Marketplace for more ideas! The Marketplace is an online store dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle. It is set up so that you can purchase sustainable product from suppliers, and have those things shipped directly to you.

If you want even more great sustainable ideas, check out Green Calgary. They are an awesome organization doing awesome things around Calgary, though their ideas are more universal. I got the idea to make beeswax wraps after having a conversation with one of their members. There is definitely a trick to making those. Check out the experiment by clicking on the link.