The First Week

The first week…

The first week is drawing to a close. It has been 4 days now since the Bokashi was started.  We have managed to fill our container a couple of times, and still seem to have a steady supply of food for the worms.  Which was a concern.

This container was being used to collect food scraps anyway so it was easy to dedicate it to the Bokashi.  With it only holding food a couple of days at a time, there really isn’t that much odour, or the need to scrub it out after being emptied.  Rinsed in super hot water it seems to be holding up time.  I do expect to actually have to soap and water clean it from time to time.

One special note.  

I tend to have a weaker stomach first thing in the morning than the rest of the day. So when I opened the lid one morning I almost vomited.  I think the meat and bones from supper maybe caught my stomaches’ eye a bit off guard.  So the coffee grounds in the morning go to the worms, until my stomach wakes up a bit.  Just word to the wise.

After 2 days I opened the lid and was pleasantly surprised.  There was an odour, but like I was told would happen,  it was reminiscent of wine fermenting.  Not foul, but present.

After the first week, the same pleasant surprise.  The smell is a bit stronger than the previous addition, though still not bad.  I will have to make a better plunger soon as the plastic film that I have been using is not going to last much longer.  It’s getting a little messy.