The Canadian Society for Organic Urban Landcare

The information below is taken from the Canadian Society for Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL)’s website Check out the Society. There is something for all levels of gardener. Beginner to professional.

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The Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL) is a non-profit Canadian organization. It was formed in response to the growing need for ecologically responsible land care practices.

The goals of the Society are:

To foster and promote the practice of organic land care.

Provide opportunities for education in all aspects of organic land care.

Establish and promote guidelines, standards and specifications for all aspects of organic land care.

Establish procedures for certification of organic land care practitioners

And, develop a means for the exchange of information, between the public and the organic land care industry.

What is Organic Land Care?

Organic Land Care is the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes using practices and products that support the health of ecosystems. These landscapes include natural and created environments, including home gardens, parks, campuses, and woodlands. In urban, suburban, and rural settings under human management, and includes both edible and ornamental plants.

These practices come from the understanding that all organisms in nature are interdependent. In order to enjoy healthy urban landscapes, we must foster the health of the entire ecosystem.

Organic Land Care practices go beyond integrated pest management. The replacement of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers with organic alternatives. Instead, the focus is on responding to the unique needs of each site. Seeking to provide it with what it needs to become a thriving part of the global ecosystem.  Organic Land Care practitioners know that we are only stewards of the land. Therefore, we must strive to work WITH nature, never trying to dominate it.

The Organic Land Care Practitioner:

Professionals who;

Work with natural systems and processes to encourage and enhance biological diversity and native habitats.

Optimize and maintain the life supporting properties of soil, air and water.

Utilize renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials from local sources and minimizes waste.

Consider the wider social and ecological impacts of landscapes. And, the practices and products used to create and maintain them.

Organic Land Care for Your Community

Organic Urban Land Care is much more than simply restricting the use of synthetic chemicals. Working with natural systems to create healthy and resilient landscapes. Planning and caring for spaces with an ecosystem approach. Relying on various elements of that ecosystem to support each other. Therefore, needing fewer inputs and producing less waste.

At its core, Organic Land Care is about increasing the biodiversity and subsequent resiliency and function of landscapes.

Organic Land Care Standard

The Organic Land Care Standard is a technical and goals based document that was first introduced by SOUL in 2003. A tool to support the successful change to sustainable land care practices. This standard is updated regularly to remain current with the Canadian Organic Standard. It is designed for individuals, communities, businesses, as well as government.