Insectary Plants

Insectary plants are a group of plants that will attract the beneficial insects that are needed in our garden. This includes parasitic wasps and pollinators, for example. Here are some example of insectary plants. You may notice a trend in both shape and colour. Not surprising when you think about how insects communicate with their environment. They see the world differently than you and I.

Did I just piqued your curiosity? If you would like to figure out more of how insects in your garden “tick” (pardon the pun), I do presentations locally. I am currently working on adding some to the website as well. So, check back again, or contact me directly if you want to chat sooner.

An few additional thoughts to keep in mind when thinking about insects in your garden. Insects for the most part, prey on the weakest plants. Healthy plants, grown as part of a polyculture, with many different plant species and varieties around, will ultimately suffer less from insect infestations. These plants will help, but only if they are healthy as well. The other thing is, some plants attract specific predatory insects that, in turn, prey on specific insects. Other plants attract certain pollinators that may or may not be around your garden. Highlighting the importance of planting local varieties of plants in our gardens.


Yarrow insectary plant



Golden rod insectary plants


Joe Pye Weed

Joe pye weed insectary plants

Queen Anne’s Lace

Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum insectary plants


globe thistle insectary plants


carrot plant insectary planys


feverfew insectary plants