Enjoy the Beauty

Enjoy the beauty of what you create.

Duck pond and garden to enjoy the beauty

Studies have shown immersing yourself in nature from time to time, is a great stress reliever. When planning your garden space, have a sitting area. A place to relax surrounded by plants will quickly turn into your favorite place. A spot to enjoy morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.

The middle of a cedar hedge maze, or a bright corner of your apartment. Any place that has a reading chair and a few of hanging plants. Whatever can work into your life and space. Vertical gardening adds a unique quality to these areas. As do raised beds, and water features.

vacant chair in sunny corner to enjoy the beauty

Creating and maintaining a low maintenance garden is pivotal as well. The time to sit and enjoy the beauty of your property. And, not have to spend all your free time tending to it. Plant selection and placement, the water needs of planting groups, the need to deadhead or prune certain plants. If these are considered with a low maintenance theme, your garden will need less input from you.

Organic practices focus a lot on bringing balance back to the garden. This is achieved by having a healthy ecosystem both in the soil and above. knowing that not all insects are bad. But also, that not all bad bugs are bad in small numbers. You can’t have ladybugs if their larvae do not have aphids to eat. Butterfly

Some more coffee???