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If you live in southern Alberta, and would like an in person consultation, or some assistance with any of your property maintenance needs, please contact me.  Some of the towns we are in are :

High River, Okotoks, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview, Cayley, Blackie,
Nanton, Aldersyde, De Winton, Deep South of Calgary, and surrounding communities

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SOUL accreditation

The name Eat MY Shrubs came from my love of the idea that we can plant beautiful gardens that are completely edible!  Growing food does not have to be in a rectangular shaped, tilled-row garden.  The best gardens are interplanted species, or polycultures.  Some plants are only there to benefit  the plants that we want to eat.  They may attract beneficial insects, or fool herbaceous animals away from the plant we actually want.  And, all this can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals, or practices that destroy, what we now have come to realize is, the delicate balance of life in the soil.

Hence the tagline, “Not only are they beautiful, you can Eat MY Shrubs”

As your check out the site please comment, leave me a message, or Contact me somewhere along the way.  I love chatting with people and your feed back will help make the website a better experience.  and VISIT THE MARKETPLACE for some cool stuff for sale


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