Vertical Gardening

Indoor vertical gardening planter

Inside or outside, on a large scale or in an apartment, vertical gardening can be done successfully! There are more and more people living in less and less space. Therefore, it only makes sense that more people are turning to vertical gardening. There are a lot of walls in an urban setting. So why not turn all of them green? Think of the fresh air we would have. Many cities around the world are using green walls and green roofs in their infrastructure. Both inside walls and out.

You can start with a spider plant in a hanging basket. Put it in a corner of your space. Then, as you become more daring, try a climbing plant variety on the terrace. Why not! Many beautiful vertical planters have been made from old shipping pallets.

City green wall

There are many ideas out there of nifty little contraptions and lighting units. Things that make your adventure more likely to succeed. Most available through a quick internet search. Many varieties of lettuce and herbs do not require as much sun as you think. So they can grow in little pots on empty corners around the house. Adding a special grow light or “daylight” light bulb here and there can help things as well.

collage of different vertical gardening planters