Organic Urban Land Care Presentations

Organic urban land care presentations

Online Courses Every Sunday In December 2021!!!

Click here to go to Eventbrite page to register. (Coming soon, until then contact me directly through the links below if your interested.)

Webinars & Presentations

Organic urban land care presentations are something I have been doing, in person, for a few years now. Current restrictions are making that increasingly more difficult though, so I am moving things online. One good thing is, I can offer it more often and its easier to fit into a schedule. Having them online Sunday morning gives people a legit reason not to get out of your pj’s Sunday morning.

The Beginning

Below is the beginning video. “Organic Urban Land Care. It All Comes Back To The Soil“.

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It’s the beginning video because, well, it’s the first one I have done. It is only the first half (therefore, beginning) of one of my presentations. It’s a preview sort of thing. It’s the beginning video also, because in it I talk about WHY organic urban land care is important to all of us. It doesn’t mater where you live, or your living situation/habits.

We are made from the soil. We all come back to the soil when we die. The whole time we are living, we replenish ourselves with food from the soil. We are connected to the soil! When we become disconnected from the soil on any level for too long, we become unhealthy and weak. We need healthy soil around us in order to be healthy ourselves.

In this video I’ll show you what I mean. (I feel like I’m much better in person though. I’m just sayin’)

What You Get In Part 2 of the Organic Urban Land Care Presentations

In part 2 of this presentation I go through the 4 seasons. Covering some basic, easy, and inexpensive things we can do to switch BACK to organic and regenerative land care practices. Back, because it’s how our ancestors cared for the land. Things like rainwater collection, tree guild gardening, the importance of native plants and insects, lasagna gardening, wicking beds and more!!

Upcoming Organic Urban Land Care Presentations

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organic urban land care presentations